What is Family Law

Family Law is colloquially known as divorce law.

Although covering a broad range of services, Family Law can be defined as the area of law that governs the separation of two people in a marriage or de-facto partnership.

Our South Australian Family Law services focus on resolving issues in these two main areas of concern,

  1. Children –where they will live? how they will be looked after? who will contribute what to their expenses?; and,
  2. Property – who will continue living in the family home? who will receive what percentage of the assets & debts? and who needs to pay spousal maintenance?

The Australian Family Law system has been strategically set up by the government to encourage families to agree on arrangements without going to Court.

Here at D’Angelo Lawyers, we take care of all separation legal matters, so that our clients can focus on their family during this emotional and challenging time. Although we do offer a comprehensive service where families disputes can be resolved without proceeding to Court, in more serious situations, our attorneys can represent clients in Court.

If a partner or spouse has issued proceedings from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or Family Court of Australia, it is recommended to contact a lawyer immediately. As strict time frames apply for responding to these legal proceedings.

Handling each case with compassion & professionalism, we take care of the complicated paperwork and get to know our clients and their personal situation so we can strive for the best possible case outcome.