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Creating a Will & Appointing an Executor

Appointing an executor is a vital component to your Will. An executor is responsible for managing your estate and distributing it to your beneficiaries.

More than one person can be appointed as your executor, and it is recommended that you have back-up executors in the event that your first choice is unable to assist.

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What is a Will?


Deciding who looks after your children when you die

You can include whom you would like to be your children’s guardian in the event of your death. However, the Family and Federal Circuit Courts have the ultimate jurisdiction and unless you are certain that your intentions will be followed, the question of who children will live with in the event of a dispute will ultimately end up in the Family Court.

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

If you pass away and you do not have a Will, then you die ‘Intestate’ (a person who has died without a Will.)

Your estate (if no claim is made upon it) will be distributed in accordance with the Administration and Probate Act and the person who will be entitled to apply to be the administrator is also determined by the Administration and Probate Act.

Finalising your estate if you are Intestate can be costly for your next of kin who will be accountable to the Public Trustee.

Feeling overwhelmed by the process of creating your Will? Allow us to assist you. D’Angelo Lawyers are experienced legal professionals who can support you through the process, giving you the peace of mind you need knowing your Will is taken care of.

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